Working methods and the way we interact in the professional environment are ever-changing, no more so than in the present climate, with the ubiquity of new technologies and social distancing requirements, as well as safeguarding people´s health.

Agile Office Design Puerto Rico

These factors, together with new, more dynamic and flexible working methodologies, which move away from old-school ones focussed on individual work sat in front of a computer for hours on end, have led to a rethinking of what was previously taken for granted, in favour of fostering more sustainable and people-centric ways of working in versatile spaces.

Presential work now require offices as we know them to undergo radical changes. The time has come to configure safe environments that incorporate solutions that improve space, productivity and, in turn, worker satisfaction. Solutions in which furniture, space and technology place the user at the heart thereof in order to respond to their needs.

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